The fashion quiz of the year: from J-Lo’s astonishing runway look to The Dress

What did singer HER wear on the red carpet at the VMA’s in August?
Having halted production in 2004, culture magazine the Face relaunched this year with four cover stars. Who were they?
At Milan fashion week, which look did J-Lo recreate on the runway to much fanfare?
According to Hot 4 the Spot, the Instagram account set up in tribute to the Zara polka-dot dress of the summer, people did all of these while wearing it – apart from which one?
Katie Holmes helped popularise which portmanteau term?
Who was on the cover of GQ’s New Masculinity issue?
Which of these was not a throwback reference at this year’s fashion shows?
Who was GQ’s worst-dressed man of the year?
What did former Victoria’s Secret model Kate Upton call the lingerie flogger’s show?
Which of these was not a slogan from the Viktor and Rolf spring/summer couture collection?
Social media video site TikTok popularised a number of new demographic subgroups, but which one isn’t real?
Which hairstyle made a surprise comeback this year?
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