Romanian Rock Band Takes Aim at Corrupt Politicians

The rock band Taxi has targeted Romania’s notoriously corrupt political class with an expletive-ridden anti-corruption song featuring the 86-year-old actor and activist Victor Rebengiuc.

Romanian rock band Taxi, known for its strong political messages, has released a new song attacking corruption and featuring one of Romania’s most respected actors, Victor Rebengiuc.

The song “Like them” was published on YouTube on March 26 and gathered over 265,000 views in less than 48 hours.

The song “is dedicated, with profound repulsion and open hatred, to all those responsible [for corruption]. To all of them,” the band wrote on their YouTube Channel.

The video starts with a warning on how the images may affect viewers emotionally before focusing on neglected and marginalized social categories in Romania like children and the elderly.

“Hey, you motherf…s/ I do not wish to crack your heads or heart in three/ Hey you, mother…s/I do not wish you to die/ I want you to live/I want you to live like them,” the song says.

Rebengiuc, now 86, as well as the members of Taxi band, are known for their criticism of the government in Bucharest.

The actor has participated in many of the recent anti-corruption protests and has called on the government to stop legislation deemed damaging for the rule of law and the fight against corruption.

An award-winning actor, he starred in movies that the communist regime banned in the 1980s and took part in the 1989 uprising. He was among the people who stormed the headquarters of Romanian Television on December 22, 1989.

Taxi, which was formed in 1999, caused controversy after releasing a song and video in 2017 that took aim at the powerful Romanian Orthodox Church for the large sum of money it spent on building a new cathedral in Bucharest. “God likes wood and small spaces,” the song said.

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