It is expected that the law on media will be changed, the defamation fines of up to ALL 1 million

Media that publish untrue news will be punished with a fine of 100,000 to 1 million lek. The government has prepared the so-called anti-piracy package, which changes the law on audiovisual media in Albania by imposing sanctions on untrue news and libel.

According to the draft, auditor service providers, including portals, should notify and broadcast the broadcasted news in a real, impartial and objective manner.

Likewise, these media have the obligation to treat the issues of public debate in a real and unbiased way and not to violate the dignity or fundamental human rights. In case of violation of these obligations, the media or portals will be automatically punished with a fine ranging from 100 thousand to 1 million lek.

In addition to these violations, another who will be punished with a fine is also when the media do not give the right to respond to persons whose dignity or reputation has been affected by the publication of incorrect facts and information. For this violation, the amount of fine will be 800 thousand lekë. In all cases, according to the draft, the fine is imposed by inspectors of the Auditor’s Media Authority and is collected through the bailiff service.

In addition, fines will have the right to suspend for 24 hours of internet access for portals that carry out three administrative offenses provided by law. If the number of violations is higher then the suspension of internet access goes up to 7 days.

Anti-spam package was announced earlier by Prime Minister Edi Rama. In addition to fine penalties for media and portals that publish untrue news, it forces portals to register and enforce laws in place for broadcasting advertisements./TCH/

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