Moon Ribas: The cyborg dancer who can detect earthquakes

t’s 2018 and cyborgs live among us. But these human-machine hybrids don’t look the way movies might have you believe. Most blend into the crowd, their mechanical elements hidden from view.

Such is the case for Catalan avant-garde artist and cyborg activist Moon Ribas, who has implants connected to online seismographs in her feet. Any time there’s an earthquake somewhere on the planet, vibrations course through her body and the data is recorded online.

Ribas then transforms that data into dance or music, often incorporating elements of spontaneity and uncertainty. For example, the movements in the dance “Waiting for Earthquakes,” in which the artist stands perfectly still until seismic activity occurs, can take many shapes.
“I’m a dancer and a choreographer, so I wanted to experience movement in a deeper way,” she explains. “Whenever there is an earthquake, I move according to the intensity of the earthquake. It’s a bit like a duet between the earth and myself. Earth is actually the choreographer of the piece and I’m just imitating the data that she gives.”
For more, read the full article at CNN .
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